100 Days (Zee Marathi) S01E23 18th November 2016 Full Episode

100 Days (Zee Marathi) Season 1 Episode 23. Neha begins planning Ajay’s birthday celebrations. She informs Ajay’s mom that she’s thrilled about Ajay’s birthday. She is determined to surprise Ajay. Gayatri as well as Meera go to Patwardhan’s cafe. Patwardhan informs Meera that when Dhananjay was missing his CCTV cameras did not function correctly. Patwardhan also informs Meera that Patwardhan and Dhananjay have a disagreement over the latest scheme he had launched. Gayatri is frightened and emotional from the knowledge of Dhananjay’s story. Vicky goes to Rani’s home and informs her Ajay Thakur inquired about her through Meera And Gayatri. Do you think Ajay Thakur manage to find the missing person? Take a look at the episodes to find out additional specifics.