100 Days (Zee Marathi) S01E45 14th December 2016 Full Episode

100 Days (Zee Marathi) Season 1 Episode 45. Neha advises Ajay Thakur to be careful around Rani Sardesai. Ajay responds to Neha to say that he’ll meet Rani and give her the gifts. Meera Sardesai accuses Rani Sardesai for Dhananjay and the murder of Patwardhan. Rani contacts Sharadh and demands that he organize everything necessary for the funeral of Patwardhan. Gayatri informs Meera she needs to collect evidence for Rani Sardesai. Gayatri also informs Meera that she’s made a decision to visit her village. Be sure to stay tuned for more exclusively on Zee Marathi.