100 Days (Zee Marathi) S01E96 11th February 2017 Full Episode

100 Days (Zee marathi) Episode 1 Episode The 96th episode. Mr. Aahuja tells Rani Sardesai that he wants to buy her farm and house together with her construction business and informs her that his plan is to transfer the whole money into her account in a several days. They both Rani and Sharadh are thrilled to learn the intentions of Aahuja and have a good time. Rani says to Sharadh that if she is successful in closing the deal, she’ll be able to relax from job and be happy to have a good income throughout her lifetime. Meera Sardesai contacts Jadhav and requests details from him regarding the finances that are being conducted by Rani Sardesai. Ajay Thakur offers a little description of their inquiry into Rani Sardesai in her home town of Solapur.