chakravartin ashoka samrat - S01E409 - The great Ashoka kills Viketkura!

See chakravartin ashoka samrat Season 1 Episode 409. Telecasted on 19th August 2016 through Colors television stations. The excellent Ashoka eliminates Viketkura! Ashoka receives assertive on listening to Viketkura \’s phrases versus his mommy, Dharma, and also slaughters him extremely facing everybody. Previously, Dharma inquires both Devi and also Kaurwaki to connect a spiritual string to Ashoka. Was this triumph because of Devi \’s connect or even Kaurwaki \’s? However, the green with envy adversaries of Ashoka receive dissatisfied along with his triumph, as this may be the starting point of Ashoka \’s supremacy.