chakravartin ashoka samrat - S01E422 - Dharma's demise breaks Ashoka!

Enjoy chakravartin ashoka samrat Season 1 Episode 422. Telecasted on second May 2021 through Colors television stations. Dharma \’s collapse rests Ashoka! Ashoka hurries in the direction of his mama on hearing Bindusara \’s volume for Dharma as well as functions crazily on finding her lifeless. Having said that, Ashoka reclaims his awareness on hearing Vitt \’s terms, which consoled him pro tempore being actually. Charumitra, alternatively, familiarizes concerning Sushim \’s participation in Dharma \’s fatality as well as makes an effort to conceal the marks of being actually suffocated coming from Dharma \’s body system. Will Ashoka have the ability to locate the truth responsible for his mama \’s fatality?