Pattedari Prathiba S01E294 25th May 2018 Full Episode

19 minAdded: 25.05.2018Pattedari PrathibaKannadaZee Kannada

Watch Pattedari Prathiba Season 1 Episode 294. The show was broadcast on May 25, 2018 on Zee Kannada channel. When Ramesh’s mom informs Prathiba about the facts, he also recalls his past when Indu disturbed his peace. While Prathiba prepares to expose the details, Vasu arrives with the police. Some evidences are analyzed through him, before she discloses the person who killed Indu. When everyone is shocked find out who the killer is then she tells them that the crime was premeditated to appear as suicide. Then, Prathiba is thanked for her bravery, and her role in helping restore peace to numerous families.