Tentatively called Crossroad The series is expected to follow the story of Sony Television's Crime Patrol where Kapoor will wear the role of host and narrator. The idea is that, despite that the show is a crime serial, the underlying theme of the storyline will not involve the crime. The concept behind the concept of the cause and effect of the concept of karma. The program will be interspersed by a variety of stories which explore the workings that karma is a concept. The way the universe works the direction of punishing the criminals who isn't being treated with justice through the law will be the underlying concept of each story. Perhaps that's why the show's title is Crossroad and morally, it means that you crossroads with different phases of your existence. To the point of investigation it was discovered that the network has given the production house the authority to start filming the series. The team and the cast are expected to begin the first episode before the 3rd of December.

Production Company: Colors tv

Director: Narrator

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