Set within the present day, Jiyonkathi revolves around the relationship of love and hate between two souls: Rishi as well as Jahnabi. Rishi is played by the renowned actress Joy Mukherjee, is a very high-ranking official. His sophistication is apparent on his appearance and persona, which is in line with the position he holds. In contrast, Jahnabi, played by Oindrila Sharma is an outstanding student who lives with her mother in the small town of Sagardighi. Jahnabi was left by her father just after birth and was taken care of by only her mother. Rishi is honest, hard-working but rough and rude and amoral. However, Jahnabi is soft, joyful, vibrant, as a light twilight. The story is extremely relevant to the present day, when everyone is focused on its own interests and these two people are loyal toward their society in their own ways. What happens next? How they are going to continue their story, Jiyonkathi would reveal the future.

Production Company: Sun Bangla

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