Mahakali (Colors Bangla)

Mahakali (Colors Bangla)

Mahakali Anth Aarambh Hai Aarambh Hai ( Each day marks a new beginning) The show is scheduled to premiere will air on Colors TV. The series will tell the untold tale of the goddess who is fiery Kaali. There is little information about goddess Kali whom is described as the cosmic force of time, as revealed in Tantric Treatises. In the Hindu religion, worshipping Kali requires total surrender, and the topic is an intriguing and powerful one.TV actress Pooja Sharma She is famous for her character Draupadi as Draupadi Mahabharat (Star Plus) was roped for the leading part of Kaali on the show. She will play every form of Mahakali as well as Adi Shakti, to Sati as well as Durga.The teaser for the show has been released and Pooja appears completely unrecognizable on the series. In the teaser, she is completely in the role of her character and makes it worth the wait. Applauds to the makeup artist and crew who created this sexy appearance for the actor. The special effects are impressive and we're excited to get to see more of the makeup in the coming days.

Production Company: Mahakali (Colors Bangla)

Director: Gagan Kang,Arjit Lavania

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