In The House Called Monohara, A traditional Bangali Joint Family is Celebrating One Festival, An Celebration, a variety of Sweets and Delicacies are prepared as well as Purchased. One of the Guys from the Family asks if Sid (Another member of the Family) isn't coming. And he is given the Response that Sid isn't a participant in any Festival This is why it's futile to believe he will come This moment. When a Sweets Seller arrives at their home, announcing the Name Of the sweet treats she sells. Even though she's initially advised to leave, the Old man in the family welcomes She, and invites her to taste the Monohara Sweets. He is awed by the taste of the sweets and asks her to give the sweets to all Family Members. Family. While she approaches The Busy Office Man Of The Family, Sid, He refuses, claiming he hates sweets. The Girl says in amazement that if she isn't able to make him eat the Monohara Sweets, Her Name won't be Mithai Then.

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