Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye

The program follows the tale of a young enthusiastic and aspiring writer Chavi and her family from a tiny city and has huge dreams and hopes and hopes to one day write out testimonies to the constantly evolving television industry. Despite a variety of challenging circumstances and constraints Chavi's idea and her talent make her want to take on an assignment to write for one of the largest production facilities for television of America. Oberoi Telefilms. The company is run by the way of a talented, energetic and abrasive Avinash Oberoi. But, Avinash a person of bizarre information, still adheres to his patriarchal mentality, which is inherited from his father. Avinash discovers a wonderful with Chavi and believes that he has the potential to mold Chavi by his desire to be an ideal householdwife. Contrary to what Avinash expects, Chavi is exactly the woman he is not expecting to be She has ambitions and hopes to develop in a way that is fair and aid her family members to get from the financial calamity. This leads to an elaborate scheme of manipulation by Avinash to shape Chavi according to the ways Avinash would like. However, once the curtain of deceit and lies lift down, Chavi discovers a wholly individual Avinash and will not hesitate to engage in a head-on combat against Avinash to be the primary caregiver of her infant... become be independent and fulfill her dreams once again!

Production Company: Sony Tv

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