Na Aana Is Des Laado

Na Aana Is Des Laado

Veerpur is a village that still practices female infanticide. Bhagwani Devi (Ammaji) is the Sarpanch of Veerpur prohibits women from beginning through any of her daughters-in law or servants or by the lady of Veerpur. Sia Singh is opposed against her. She is silent. Sia, Ammaji uses her son Raghav to win her over and marry her. However, he is in love with her and assists Sia toward Ammaji. Many pregnant women in Veerpur attempt to escape. Raghav and Sia are among the women who keep infants.Sia is elected the Sarpanch since she's a member of the most women in Veerpur. Ammaji's actual daughter Amba arrives and is united with Ammaji she changes Raghav as well as Sia out. The two return when Sia is expecting despite Ammaji's attempt to end her pregnancy. pregnant. Later, when Ammaji's arch enemy Bhanupratap attacks, Sia dies whilst delivering two women Dia And Jahnvi. Raghav passes away in the fire. The twins split--Dia lives together with Ammaji Jahnvi is with Amba.

Production Company: Shakuntalam Telefilms

Director: Shyamashis

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