Shrimanta Gharchi Sun

Shrimanta Gharchi Sun

This show is a challenge to the common belief that 'you can marry daughters of wealthy families , but have daughters in law who come from poor families This idea is a common belief for generations and the show reveals the truth behind this belief. This show demonstrates that people are not judged by their social class or family history. An honest person belongs to any group of society. The tale is set in the backdrop of Mumbai. Karnik family Karnik family is mixed family that lives in Mumbai. They are financially well-to manage, however they're not rich. The main character of the series Atharva Karnik, is the younger of 2 brothers. The family consists of the father (Sudhir Karnik) and mother (Aruna Karnik),2 sons Shekhar Karnik (Atharva's uncle) as well as Devika Karnik (Atahrva's Aunt). Atharva is attracted to Ananya who comes from the richest family. The mother of Atharva is already enduring the rage of her sister in law and daughter in law, and the previously thought-provoking social idea appears to be the case from her point of view. Atharva and her relationship with Ananya is tested in every way and the Atharva family is in a situation in which the old adage appears to be real. Yet, Ananya remains strong for her family, and has to deal with every aspect circumstance seeking to prove that rich daughters can be good daughters of the family.

Production Company: Sony Marathi

Director: Kedar Vaidya

Cast/Actors: Aishwarya Narkar , Avinash Narkar , Yashoman Apte , Rupal Nand , Falguni Rajni

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