Tenali Rama

Tenali Rama

The show follows the life of a twenty-something year old, Tenali Rama who wants to be wealthy and famous, but lacks the motivation to follow his goals. In the event that Tenali finds himself forced to wed and has to work for money the saint of reverence asks Tenali to visit the temple in the town and repeat an exact mantra. Tenali adheres to what he's instructed, and Goddess Kali shows up before Rama with an ice-cold milk bowl and a the curd bowl, asking him to select one, but Tenali is able to taste both , leaving Kali in a state of anger. Then, Tenali reasons out by explaining what's an advantage of the both without one. Goddess Kali finds himself impressed by his brilliance and tells him He will soon be the Vaikatavi poet, or a jesting one at the Krishnadevaraya's Court. Tenali Rama leaves for Hampi and has a dream to be a part of Rayas court. The popular TV show tells the life of Tenali who is able to solve cases using the speed of his wit and intelligence that makes him extremely popular at his home court of the Kings court.

Production Company: Contiloe Productions

Cast/Actors: Manav Gohil , Krishna Bharadwaj , Nimisha Vakharia , Pankaj Berry , Priyanka Singh , Sonia Sharma

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