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Tu Aashiqui

It is the story that follows the female lead Pankti who suffers as an unhelpful victim as she's a lover to an affluent guy Pran DhanRaj. Pankti was raised with Pran within her home, because her sister Anaaya was Pran's lover before her. According to legend, mothers have the power to protect her child from danger however what happens if the mother is selling her daughter. It's what happened to Pankti's mother Anitathe actress who failed who offered her up to Pran to enjoy everything. Each victim is saved by a hero In our case that hopes for Pankti's is Ahaan. Ahaan singer, who was a an occasional star. He is unable to keep his fame due to problems with anger and simpleness. Ahaan is a hapless person until Pankti is introduced to his life, the goal is achieved. Ahaan as well as his dad are not in an ideal relationship, but Ahaan has a good relationship with his uncle. Ahaan who loves his papa, will eventually discovers that his papa's bade was the one to keep his beloved Pankti from being a his mistress. Ahaan is confronted and tells the man that I would like the girl to leave as I am in love with her. Pran informs him that she was bought for 10 crores, if you don't pay me the money and I'm leaving her you shouldn't play the game as I've photos of her. It is shown how Ahaan struggles when the goal is achieved and is working difficult to make the money. Pran murders his wife on the course of his journey after she learns about his secret. Ahaan lets Pankti out of her cage Pran and hopes to be a huge artist.

Production Company: Gurudev Bhalla Productions

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