Assa Maher Nako Ga Bai

Assa Maher Nako Ga Bai

Every girl has dreams of being with her parents post wedding. This is the final 4 days of Saasurvaas Sakhi and she's getting ready to go back to her maher where she thinks it is an idyllic paradise. It won't take long before she's bursting her bubble and her joy transforms into hurt, prompting her to want to leave her parents the house and over. Tune into join Sakhi in her hilarious and sweet journey through Assa Maher Nako Ga Bai. Director - Sachin Gokhale. Producer - Kalyani Pathare and Uday Pansare]

Production Company: Sony Marathi

Director: Sachin Gokhale

Cast/Actors: Swanandi Tikekar , Pushkaraj Chirputkar , Rajan Bhise , Supriya Pathare

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