Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu

Anirudh Roy Choudhary is returning to his home town of Tulsipur after having completed his studies from London and becoming barrister. He's deeply worried about stereotypes and outdated routines and practices that make India an unwelcome country. Bondita Das is a curious and anxious 8 year old girl with her own view of the world. Her viewpoint isn't recognized by her family. The family of Anirudh is irritated when they find out the fact that he's aiming to take away casteism's binds out of the society. Anirudh is seeking to change the way people think in the hope of a better and brighter future. Anirudh and Saudamini have been lovers since childhood. Their relationship has been accepted by their families. Bondita sets out two requirements to marry and then composes a note to her potential husband saying that she will indulge in sweets and bring her mother with her. In the end, her letter is read by Anirudh who is impressed by the thought and perspective. Her groom is a sixty year old man , who passes away during the ceremony and villager's people attempt to force Bondita to take a vow of an act of sati. Bondita is unconscious, and Anirudh is in a desperate attempt to safeguard her life, winds in marrying her.

Production Company: Shashi Sumeet Productions

Director: Shashi Sumeet Mittal

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