Durga Durgeshwari

Durga Durgeshwari

Dugga is a common village girl, who is a fervent fan to Maa Durga. She lives in the beautiful Durgeshwari Temple in Ishwaripur. Goddess Durgeshwari protects the temple for herself. It is also known due to the secret location of an old transcript Vabishya varati, which can influence the fate of any person. In spite of numerous restrictions, Dugga gets the right over the temple to worship, and also meets Omkar through a string of occasions. Omkar is a gifted astrologer who is the true heir of the famed Roychowdhury family from Kolkata and is abused by aunt Ujjaini(a fake Astrologer) as well as his uncle Kinkar following the accidental demise of Omkar's parents because they keep him mentally unstable to prevent him from expressing his genius. A few days later, Ujjaini comes to know the famed Vabishya varati text and wants to use it as a tool for her own gain following the fact that Omkar gets married to Dugga. Omkar goes to the temple, but she is assaulted by Dugga. She tries to demolish the temple along with Dugga as well as Omkar But her plans fail and she is paralyzed. As a result, Kinkar calls Damini (the the first spouse of Omkar's father Rupankar RoyChowdhury, who was kicked from the family due to the plot to kill her husband in exchange for property) to get the transcript. Damini (a lady-tantric now) is back in the RoyChowdhury family in order to get revenge. Damini is welcomed by Dugga at the Roychowdhury mansion while pretending to appear innocent. After that, she threatens Dugga to get the transcript, and abducts Omkar when he refuses. Then, Dugga finds Omkar with the assistance of Maa Durga. In the next scene, Damini tries to kill Dugga. Dugga is saved through the kindness of Durgeshwari However, she is unable to remember her name. As a result, Maa Durga takes the humanoid shape to defeat the Evil. Then, Dugga reaches in RoyChowdhuri home and recovers her memory, with Maa's blessings. Damini as well as Kingkar get caught for their attempt to murder Omkar. The two are jailed. But, Damini vows about comeback as well as revenge. 22 years on, following Omkar and Dugga's death The story is still going on through their child Devi.

Production Company: Star Jalsha

Director: Anupam Hari

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