Manav is a dedicated and straight-talking Government officer is a man who adheres to his rules and lifestyle completely honest. His wife Akanksha is determined to live an extravagant life, with all the things she would like. Although they may not get everything they want, couple are content with their son Yatharth. It's all good until professional, Vaibhav Kapoor who believes that anything could be purchased with money, is captivated upon first meeting Akanksha her Kaamnaa (translation meaning desire or wish) which is what he prefers to refer to her, not having any idea of the real person behind her. Manav is transferred from Bhopal and moves to Indore and joins forces with Akanksha with her parents. Akanksha talks about her history with Manav and tells him that she once was Miss Indore, but only due to her father's bribes with judges. Vaibhav is able to get closer to Akanksha by purchasing her previous house and then giving her the opportunity to be his model along with advantages. However, Manav disapproves of this because he is suspicious of Vaibhav's motives. Over period of time, Akanksha falls in love with Vaibhav and leaves Manav devastated. Aanksha's absence exacerbates Yatharth's mental condition, which is why Sakshi is his school counselor, aids Yatharth. Sakshi's husband Prateek as well as Son, Parth, died in an automobile accident, and it has had a negative impact on her ever in the years since. Sakshi is aware of Parth as Yatharth and is forced to drop out of the school for having a conflict with Manav and Akanksha's sole caretakership of Yatharth. After having lost all of her possessions, Manav feels guilty and allows Sakshi as well as her mother-in-law Malti remain with them for the benefit of Yatharth.

Production Company: Sony Tv

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