Piya Albela

Piya Albela

Piyaa Albela is modern day interpretation of the love story that was a classic. It is centered on Naren and Pooja and is a world of a different world. Naren has a road to spirituality and is taking psychology classes, and more than a student in his mind and heart than the average university student. Naren rarely even watches the newspaper. In his appearance, unkempt and unruly in his behavior He is seen as a reclusive, antisocial person. Displaced in his universe of meditation The poor, rich child is rebellious and a maze that his parents are unable to comprehend. Pooja is, on the other hand is everything Naren is not, warm confident, confident and an absolute human being. Her abilities range from being a karate champion who is able to straighten up tense guys who are trying to get up and running with her to dance like a pro at the nightclubs of her college. Pooja was the solution to the many questions that Naren's parents were pondering in their heads. They quickly realized Pooja is the one Naren wants to be with in his life.

Production Company: Rajshri Productions

Director: Ashish Shrivastav

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