RadhaRadha'is The story of a girl who has morals and talents. The girl lives in the suburban area of her family. She has a clothing store that offers tailoring. She's very adept in making clothing, but she doesn't take very good care of herself. There is only one downside: she's fat. She is an eater. routine, just like breathing or sleeping. Because of this, the dream of getting married to someone who loves more than anything else can be a bit elusive because every time an offer to marry comes up for her , they refuse to take it up because due to her weight. In contrast you can find Krish owner of a fashionable house located in Kolkata. He's extremely well-groomed and is a gentleman that any woman wishes to have as their husband. Radha and Krish meet the other each time Krish goes to get items for her own clothing from Radha's shop. The two do not get along with the other because Radha feels overwhelmed by the arrogant, well-groomed man and Krish dislikes Radha because of her overweight appearance and weight. The situation results in their getting married. They have a lot of friction between them, but they find love for each their partner as Radha grows into a skilled businesswoman and the love of his life with Krish. The actress makes everybody understand that the size of her body doesn't determine her. It is clear it is evident that Krish as well as Radha are a match designed in heaven and that is not just fate, but all of the universe conspired to unite them. It is an original love story about how two people who are completely opposite meet and fall in love for one another. A girl from a small-town town transforms into a woman with grace and elegance.

Production Company: Surinder Films

Director: Rajat Paul Subhasish Mondal

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