Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Gunjan Sandhu is humorous lady, lives in Mumbai alongside the mother of her children Sneha. Her father Aakash works for his business venture in Australia. A battle with cancer is on the horizon, Sneha has a problem with Gunjan. Introvert and shy, Rachna Garg hails from Benaras. Her father Dayal is planning to have her divorced in the event that she doesn't pass her check. In the wake of Sneha passes away, Rachna's mom Shail takes Gunjan into Benaras.The Gargs then celebrate their son's return their home. Rachna and Gunjan become friends. Rachna likes the sport of hockey. Then, Dayal also helps her however, she arranges her wedding with Vihaan whom she is in love with Gunjan. He is exposed and they break the relationship and the relationship is ended. Shail is the one to announce Mayank and Gunjan's wedding but on the time, Charu marries him.Rachna, her boss Kabir as well as Gunjan reveal Charu and he is incarcerated. Gunjan and Mayank marry. working in the Kabir's organization, Rachna is attracted to him, but she leaves him because he is worried about Bittu the mentally-ill brother. Rachna chooses to care for Bittu and then leaves. Mayank and Gunjan fight and break up and then part strategies for 6 months.

Production Company: Zee TV

Director: Rajesh Babbar

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