Shani (Colors Bangla)

Shani (Colors Bangla)

Shani is the one who gives of justice is the child of Surya Dev and Chhaya. His character is distinct from ordinary kids. When one speaks in the middle of an exchange, he will say from the very beginning. The way he speaks is so direct where he might sound a little slurred sometimes. The likelihood is that his comments will catch any person by surprise. The way he interacts with people leaves a lot to be to be desired. However, since he doesn't have a requirement for approval He isn't concerned with how people view him.As an infant, he does have one sweet spotfor his mommy. Her loyalty to him is unwavering and he believes very secure about her. At the time of his birth as the baby Shani is aware of his mother's victimized by her husband, his newborn child eclipses the sun.Surya Dev, also known as Sun God is the giver of knowledge, light and the life. His splendor is unparalleled. His kindness does not distinguish between spreading light or a message, his blessing can be found in the lives of everyone.However that light that is rough can be scorching as can the person who gives it of it. Surya Dev demands and assumes the highest standards around him. His self-esteem is his weakness. In addition, he is not willing to forgive his son Shani for the wrong he committed at the time of the birth of his son, and eclipsing his father who is the Sun God himself.His self-confidence is a factor that can overwhelm his knowledge and impair his judgment. To clear these clouds, it is necessary to eclipse them, both literally and metaphorically. The gap between Shani and his father Shani In a myriad of ways, forms an emotional core of the series.

Production Company: Colors Bangla

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