Thik Jeno Love Story

Thik Jeno Love Story

The story revolves around Isha an ordinary woman with a lot of life as well as Adi the brat with a spoiled childhood of a renowned flesh-presser. Isha lost her father and mother in the early years of her childhood, was raised by her two brothers Prabal as well as Pratik who love their mother. Isha is a committed lover and loves spending moments with her classmates Pooja and Neha.Pooja begins to develop a relationship with an intriguing guy online who appears like Adi. They are planning to complete their desires through an evening membership. issues, but they get way too much and Pooja is killed due to a overdose from a drug in the same way that Isha gets saved because of Adi. One of the most credible witnesses to the death of Pooja is Prabal who holds Adi accountable for the incident. Isha but is adamant Adi fully and protects her from having to defend him. Prabal is irritated by Isha's relationship with Adi and advises him to stay away from his sister . He also insults Adi in a similar manner.Adi promises revenge and intends to subdue Isha through a promise to get married. In denial of the evil ploys Adi has employed, Isha persists in falling for Adi and gets married to the man. Adi but lifts the blindfold of agreed with off Isha's eyes , and asserts that the marriage was just an exercise for him and that didn't let him overlook the marriage as something that was crucial. Isha is then forced to make an agreement to divorce Adi for good, but is stopped by Adi's father who believes the best Isha will stop Adi away from the path to self-destruction she turned on.Isha chooses to remain and offer her relationship another chance because she is convinced of the inherent goodness of Adi's heart.

Production Company: Shree Venkatesh Films

Director: Soumik Chatterjee

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