Tobu Mone Rekho

Tobu Mone Rekho

Marriages according to legends, were created in heaven. Belief in and doubt in one's partner is certainly caused by hell. The tale 'Tobu Mone Rekho is about Rai an undergraduate in psychology who gets a job as an caretaker to help make the ends of their tether. Then her life is a complete change when she has to balance a fearful wife Supriya as well as her husband Rajatava and their two children. Supriya's mental disorder is a source of concern as well as damaging to not just the health of her children, as well as disrupting Rajatava and Rajatava, who are fed up of trying to explain his character however, to no avail. It's a mess without much that one can look at. Rai's presence is an oasis of calm for Rajatava in the midst of emotional turmoil and children bond immediately with her thanks to her instincts as a mother. Supriya who Rai is able to handle effortlessly and with a master's level of analytical proficiency quickly opens herself with Rai as her close friend. Rajatava is lacking any peace of mind and is in search of a friend, convinced that he is dependent upon Rai to take care of the small things in life. In the course of the story, the formula for all relationships was fluid, forming to be different in different circumstances. It's an unusual story that sees each person as an individual and yet is involved in the beauty and depth of human relationships. create on their own.

Production Company: Shree Venkatesh Films

Director: Sreejit Roy

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