Tumchi Mulgi Kay Karte

Tumchi Mulgi Kay Karte

In an extremely risky and difficult attempt to save her teenage daughter, a well-known teacher who also has a trusting mother, ends up saving a students who get exposed to the risky drug-related world, which ends in her tarnishing her own image to the world and the family she lives with. 'Tumchi Mulgi Kay Kare tells the story of a working mom who will take any step to instill the faith of her missing daughter. Shraddha believes that she educated her daughter Savani with the best way, while a teenager going to college, Savani is a victim of the narcotics industry and then vanishes. Shraddha's nightmare is triggered by the search for Savani. With the assistance of Detective Vijay Bhosale she unveils certain details and facts concerning Savani and the shadowy world she's entered, and she decides to follow exactly the same route and step into the dark and dangerous world of crime in order to find and return the daughter she lost.

Production Company: Strawberry Pictures Private Limited

Director: Bhimrao Mude

Cast/Actors: Madhura Velankar , Sanjay Mone , Harish Dudhade , Ashish Kulkarni

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