Bhanumotir Khel

Bhanumoti The daughter of an unassuming magician, is taught the art of magic from a young age. Bhanu, a simple schoolgirl in her teens practises magic. Her mother has a strong stance opposed to it, however she can't resist her instincts of putting her skills to good use, turning hate to love, and despair to happiness for people who are in trouble. This is how she goes about separating good from bad and bringing better lives to the people all around her on the streets. Meghraj is also a magician. The son of super magician Mahendra Sarkar. For his magicians are a kind of art which he uses for the sake of entertaining people that attend his performances. There are the prerequisites for professional show - a stage, lights as well as an audience that is eager to entertain them; this sets the stage for his performances. The fate of the universe is that they do meet. The man isn't just awed by the girl's ability of transforming her magic to make the same type of art, without the use of devices or surroundings, but becomes captivated by the idea to do this for the benefit of society. Life and romance between them is magical too, as days pass by and the story progresse

Production Company: zee bangla

Director: Abira Majumder & Sayan Dasgupta

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