chuni panna

Chuni Panna

Throughout the years of her life, Chuni aspires to be the ghost hunter. Chuni would like to see a ghost, but doesn't want to get married due to her fear of having in-laws. In the same way, she is destined to be married Nirbhik living in the haunted home Abhoy Bhavan, (later it turns out to actually Bhoy Bhavan) with ghosts known as Panna. Following the wedding, Panna is the ghost that resents the bloody murder of the previous owner of the house , makes her life difficult. What can Chuni deal with the issue of Panna as well as some vicious in-laws when she and Nirbhik are beginning to fall in love?

Production Company: Shree Venkatesh Films

Director: Diptodeep Sengupta

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