Girls On Top

Girls On Top

The premiere episode featured Amanda having a hard time finding the right apartment, and she managed to get one (that she is unable to be able to afford) through Lady Carlton. Former resident Candice is able to convince Amanda to allow her to stay for a week as there is nowhere else to go. And then, Jennifer, Amanda's childhood acquaintance, shows up unexpectedly and has no place to leave. Then, Shelley is recruited to be a part of the move due to her substantial trust funds of her wealthy parents in the States and also because no one else can be able to pay the deposit and rent. Every episode focused around the idea that Shelley might be able to get the rest to move around since they depended on her for getting rent paid. Usually, the show featured Candice's most recent discovered fatal disease, or other excuse for not paying rent. A particular episode featured Candice telling everyone that she was actually dating Prince Andrew and she tricked Shelley to appear in a porn movie

Director: Paul Jackson

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