Ponuku Thanga Manasu

Ponuku Thanga Manasu

The story starts with the wedding of Prashanthan. Prashanthan is the youngest of Sethulakshmi as well as Lakshmanan Pillai's 3 sons. They are part of the ultra wealthy family.Sethulakshmi is a powerful and greedy mother , who made Prashanthan to wed Divya of her Meledath family. However, Sethulakshmi wasn't happy to know that Divya would be a in their clan with an unimportant grant and a small amount of gold. The only thing she's interested in is the riches of Divya. She abused her position as the mother-in-law of Divya and caused Divya as well as her parents huge amount of problems. Mayuri is cousin to Prashanthan and was asked what's going on within the family.

Production Company: Risun Pictures

Director: Harrison

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