Khaki Ek Vachan

Khaki Ek Vachan

Reliance Broadcast Networks Television Channel Big Magic will premiere the first crime-themed tv series that is known as 'Khaki Ek Vachan' .The show was first aired on July 10, 2017 and has been it is on air Monday through Friday beginning at 08.30 pm.The show's goal is to restore faith of the civilians in the police system.It is a special program that honors the police officers who are hard-working in our country. Through its engaging storyline the series will present the real-life experiences and actions of police officers who fight to bring justice. This show will help restore civilians with faith to the law enforcement system. Every office has its share of negative apples. But, it would be difficult to run in the manner we do all police personnel and the police forces were not as corrupt as is depicted in the media. In every corrupt officer, there are hundreds of officers who have to work many shifts in order to keep our towns and communities secure and functioning. Khaki is an Ek Vachan TV serial celebrates the dedication and discipline of those selfless and courageous officers.As as opposed the other crime-focused television series, this latest television serial of Big Magic will tell stories of people who have worked hard to keep criminals under control. Police officers who combat the corruption and criminality, often times even at the expense of their own lives in order to ensure justice is carried out and the law is upheld.

Production Company: BIG MAGIC

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