Mukhosher Araale

Mukhosher Araale

Mukhosher Arale enhances the sentiment of patriotism, and that unstoppable love for one's nation. As Jhinuk the protagonist, Sarmishtha Acharjya goes up against those who oppose the country , and discovers the conspiracy theories that lead to national turmoil. The character of a patriot has several more challenges and trials and tribulations, as Jhinuk gets separated from her beloved 'Arko who is which is played by Arko Paul Chowdhury. She is thrown in the chaos of trying to protect the nation. In addition to the stellar cast of the film, Bratya Basu, Rajib Chatterjee, as well as Biswajit Chakroborty take on crucial roles in this thrilling action-romantic thriller.

Production Company: Colors Bangla

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